Monday, 19 December 2011

Around Foxes Gate.

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This is the view towards our moorings from Bridge 100, which has been unofficially named by boaters as Foxes Gate. We haven’t seen any foxes here, so maybe someone will know how the area acquired this name?

IMG_0499On the Puddle Banks the sunken boat is still firmly embedded into the bottom of the canal and another one moored nearby has also flooded.

IMG_0498     IMG_0496

Since our cruises over the last two years down the Oxford Canal this house has been taking shape. We have watched the steady progress in creating this lovely timber framed house with the thatched roof and it still seems to be unfinished.

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Anonymous said...

there use to be a gate there and somebody wrote foxs gate on it. and thats how it got the name. as you see foxes spelt incorectly