Thursday, 22 December 2011

A right pain in the…

I had picked up a form from the new dentist in Daventry  I had their phone number.

A filling had fallen out that I knew I would need treatment, then the unbearable pain set in.

So I rang the number and was asked if I had a swollen face or difficulty breathing.

No, just toothache I reply, ok we will try and fit you in she says. I hadn’t heard anything the next day so I rang to ask when they might fit me in and was told they run a ‘Triage’ assessment.

When I asked what that meant she said I would have to wait for someone to cancel their appointment. Finding their advice unbelievable I tried another dentist recommended by our friends.

Their approach was much more positive and friendly. After filling out the form and paying £17 in advance they gave me an appointment for the following day.

I went in, my teeth were all checked, the dentist took x-rays and while they were being processed she cleaned around my teeth.

She told me there were no abscesses or infection present and she would fill the tooth straight away for £30.

Absolutely marvellous and all finished in about half an hour!

So I can highly recommend the Oradi Dental Practice in Daventry they are truly amazing.

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