Sunday, 18 December 2011

Maffi and Molly.

IMG_0500 Molly the wonderdog

Saturday we had a text, ‘where are you’? It was Maffi who said he would be with us at at 3pm and he was. After five hours cruising from Rugby they must have been frozen, so Bottle helped him moor up and Molly the Wonder-dog bounded aboard followed by her master. Apparently she knows us as ‘the biscuit boat’, so after a drink, a biscuit and much stroking she curled up on the mat in front of the fire and dozed off. We chatted non stop over tea, cake and evening meal washed down with much Guinness until bedtime. This morning we joined them on the Milly M for a farewell mug of tea. Maffi donned all his warm gear making him look nearly twice the size, we had a sharp overnight and it was bitterly cold again today. The sun came out and with Molly atop the boat in her bed with a warm blanket over her they waved goodbye till next year. 

IMG_0502 Maffi MollyWe love seeing them and Maffi always has many stories to tell about all the people he has met while cruising. He has also done a massive amount of litter picking from the canal tow paths and we are encouraged to do the same. It would be nice if people had the intelligence to take their rubbish to a bin but unfortunately many can’t be bothered. So, it was lovely to see you Maffi and we thank you for all your hard work in trying to keep the canals tidy. If everyone did just a little litter-picking it could make a BIG difference.

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