Monday, 12 December 2011

Friends and Family.

We got our tiny Christmas tree out and put the twinkly lights up all around the boat, so we now we are prepared for the silly season. Our daughter and grandson came for the day on Friday to help Bottle celebrate his birthday. We spent the whole day onboard playing, reading stories and chatting. Of course every time a boat passed by a call of, ’Grampy, boat’ would be heard, so Grampy had to lift the little person up to see it and to wave. I made a tasty Shepherds Pie with vegetables for lunch and Boat Cake for our tea. The day went quickly as we were all enjoying ourselves so much, it was lovely to see them again.


IMG_0029 Tree

As it was also our friends birthday on the same day we had arranged to meet up for an evening meal at The Boathouse. So with the crews of nb Piston Broke, nb Tranquility, nb Ellen there were eight of us altogether. We had only ever passed within shouting distance of John and Angela on nb Ellen, so it was nice to get to chat to them at last. The meals were from the two-for–one menu and none of us could resist having pudding either. The bill was very reasonable and we spent a really lovely evening together. We came out to a sharp frost and walking back along the canal towpath we could see that the water was icing over. However it melted away during the next day. Our friends came around for afternoon tea today as they had smelt the boat cake cooking the previous day!

IMG_0015 Queue at services


Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Hi both. Are there any moorings available in Braunston or are they full already?
We may be coming that way for Christmas. Jo xxxxxx

bottle said...

Hi Jo

e-mail sent.

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

where to bottle as it has not arrived lol.

bottle said...

Your Hotmail account on your profile page.

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

bottle it has not come through to me sorry. try

Bottle said...

Done. ;-0