Friday, 22 April 2011

Fenny Compton.

IMG_0051 Fenny Tunnel

This is the ornate iron turnover Bridge No 137 where the towpath changes sides. Once there was a tunnel here but the top was taken off it in 1868. Even so, it is still known as Fenny Tunnel. The overhanging trees and scrub have all been well cut back since we passed through before. This is a welcome improvement as oncoming boats can be easily seen and allowances made to pass on the wider parts of the canal. Also the wildflowers are beginning to grow back having been exposed to the sunlight. There were masses of blue violets, some cowslips and bluebells.

IMG_0013 Cowslips       IMG_0025 Bluebells

On the towpath just outside Fenny Marina the swans are nesting again this year. One of them was sunbathing as we passed by.

IMG_0052 Swan nest Fenny Marina

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