Friday, 22 April 2011

Wormleighton wanderings.

Here we are moored on top of the world on Wormleighton Hill enjoying a few peaceful sunny days in the midst of the countryside. It has been so hot we have had to resort to wearing shorts. This is another of our favourite places, except that there is usually a cool breeze blowing across. We set off after elevenses to walk over B129 up the Bridle Path the one and a half miles to the manorial village. Most of the cottages are built from the lovely local rich brown coloured ironstone, including the 13th century church.

IMG_0036 Wormleighton Church  


The gravestones leant lazily in all directions and the grass surrounding them was kept neatly grazed by four legged woolly nibblers. What a brilliant idea, no need for lawnmowers there then!

IMG_0044 east     IMG_0023

Inside beyond the intricately carved wooden Jacobean Screen there was an epitaph in memory of John Spencer who died after the computation of the church in 1610 at Blois in France. He was only aged 19 years, 8 months and odd days, never married. There was also a small plain memorial for Princess Diana on the west wall. We quite enjoyed the whole atmosphere of this welcoming little church and it was well worth the long walk to experience it. Wormleighton Manor Gate House bears the date 1613 and Tower House adjoins it. The manor, which was built c1512 was burned down by the Royalists in the English Civil War in 1645.

IMG_0034 Tower Farm

Manor Farm looked as if it was concealing an interesting part of the old manor.IMG_0047 thatched cottage

There were several delightful Victorian mock Tudor cottages, some of which had iron plaques on the gable ends dated 1848. There was only one thatched cottage in this sleepy little place.

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