Friday, 22 April 2011

Salad days are here!

I walked to the top of Napton Hill before we left, and found a little footpath that wound around the windmill and it’s cluster of houses. The view was well worth the climb, but a little hazy to take any photos with my small camera. Leys Farm seems to be a place for study and there are horned cattle roaming with the sheep. Near one of the gateways was a list of all the names of the cattle, how sweet.

IMG_0025 Windmill

Well, every day is a sunny day now so it seems, so on with the shorts and sun cream again. The cruise up from Napton was very pleasant and we were lucky enough to reverse around the corner from Braunston Junction so that Gosty Hill could deliver diesel and coal for us. Mr B has acquired a little companion called Caleb to share his accommodation aboard Gosty Hill , but only until he finds his owners. I think many boats are being brought out from their overwintering in the marinas for an airing. With all the share boats and hire boats that are passing by, I think that all we hardy live aboard cruisers are now in a minority.



You may have noticed that our posts are coming all at once, that is because the laptop has been up the spout once again. Thank goodness for Weatherspoons and their free Wi-Fi connection, where Bottle was able to download something to put things right again. We like their coffee, beers and food anyway as they are so reasonably priced. A trip on the bus to Sainsbury’s at Rugby has seen our food stocks replenished, mainly with things for salads. With all the jobs of cleaning the boat inside and out and the washing hung up to dry in the mornings, afternoons can be spent lazing in our chairs on the towpath.

Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone!

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