Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cropredy to Claydon.


We have taken advantage of this lovely weather to do a lot of washing in order to dry and air it in the sun, as we no longer have the fire alight. As our time was up at our mooring spot we dodged the canoeists to cross the canal to fill our water tank and set off up the locks. We visited the shop and post office and managed to buy a book on canals in the studio book sale.  There are so many lovely circular walks around Cropredy through the fields and around the many delightful little cottages.

IMG_0013MillOne of our favourite saunters takes us over Cropredy Mill Bridge past this old red brick building which would benefit from some restoration, fairly soon. It would be nice to see it brought back into use one day, any suggestions?

IMG_0004   IMG_0006 

We passed by the immaculately kept gardens of Prescote Manor. There seem to be masses of celandines, violets and primroses along the verges this year.



Don’t know if these little sheep are Jacobs or Soays, but they had produced some dainty little frolicking lambs. We also heard the donkeys and chickens that were in the field by our mooring. It was nice to meet up with Del and Al for a chat on their way down to Cropredy. Hope our next encounter will not be quite so brief.

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