Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter Solstice

We were rather desperate for water, as we had overlooked it in making sure we were in the right place last week for Fernwood to visit and then Foxton Boat Services the next day.

Having looked at the weather forecast for the week we decided, last night, that we would get up early and do a quick raid on Tesco and be away to Hillmorten.

Also getting low on diesel so called Gosty Hill, he was waiting for diesel but hoping to be at Hillmorten tonight.
So setting off, with difficulty, we made our way through the ice, it does make a terrible noise and scrapes the paint off, we travelled through the ice but it seemed to be getting worse, we made the decision to stop.

Just as we tied up another boat went through and it seemed to making better headway than us, so change of mind, we decided to follow, it was during this manoeuvre that Wozie slipped on the ice and fell in, after the initial shock she remembered that she can swim and 'doggie paddled' to the side, where I helped her out.

We eventually got to Hillmorten, filled with water and went up the locks, Gosty Hill has not made it yet, will just hope he arrives tomorrow or the next day.

What a way to celebrate the solstice, ah well spring must be on its way and the days will now start to get longer.


nb piston broke said...

Most people have a wash inside the boat! Hope Gosty got to you oksy. We are at Braunston are you coming this way?

Bottle said...

Hi Lynne

Gosty arrived at 01:00hrs this morning and gently tapped on the boat at 09:00 hrs.
We have decided after yesterday, to stay here, top of Hillmorten, until the cut thaws, rain is forecast for the weekend and milder weather.