Thursday, 3 December 2009

Non Stop Boating.

We travelled for eight hours, non stop, as we did yesterday. We do need to adjust our estimations of the amount of distance we can travel, do not know where we are going wrong as when we hired, for all those years we were always ahead of our selves.
We did come across a boat (Meet On The Ledge) across the cut, a first for us, so we had some 'fun' getting it to the side and re-fixing its pins.
Now moored at Whilton and will meet with our engineer here and then hopefully move on to Braunston, we shall see.

Anyone would of thought it was cold and wet, Wozie doing some steering.

This was taken within Stoke Bruerne/Blisworth tunnel, can you see anything.

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Del and Al said...

ooo err the ghost of Blisworth......spooky!!!!