Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cosgrove walkabout

Here are some more photos from our previous travels.
While we were moored at Cosgrove we walked back to the aqueduct and, down the steps and through the horse tunnel underneath. From here we could see a church peeping over the hill in the distance and decided to walk towards it. The church had this very unusual pink clock with two carved stone faces either side.
Then nearby we found this information board describing the Medieval Settlement of Old Wolverton. There had been a Castle, Manor House and peasant houses and crofts. The site was very well maintained and we could see all the ridges and mounds where the streets and enclosures had been. This is designated as an Ancient Monument and protected by law.
We are also fascinated by the many fields around Braunston that were used for ridge and furrow agriculture, but they do not show up very well on our photos.

Today, as Badsey's Sunday lunches are so good, we thought we would just pay them another visit, just to remind ourselves how delicious their roast dinners are! Absolutely brilliant, we supped our beer and browsed through their latest Canal and Waterworld magazines while we waited for lunch to arrive.

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