Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A later start than would have been ideal  but hey ho, that's boating.
It was bright with blue sky with sunshine, the day went fairly well except for the fishing matches, that slowed us but they were a cheerful lot. Complemented on the quietness of the boat and at one point they asked me to put some power on to stir the bottom, apparently the fish were not biting.
We made it to two locks below Stoke Bruerne, had to stop because it was to dark to do the last two.
Another early start again tomorrow, need to be in Braunston for Friday morning, our printed circuit board, if you remember it is required for our Victron combi, has arrived and the engineer will be able to fit it then.
The next update may be not until we have left Braunston as the phone signal is atrocious.

The windmill at Milton Keynes

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