Friday, 18 October 2013

Wheaton Aston.

IMG_4616 Audlem     IMG_4623     IMG_4648

Up Audlem locks to the Farm Shop where they do roast Lamb, Pork and Chicken Baps, shame as it was only just past breakfast time! The evenings have been quite cold so we have been lighting the fire with a few dry twigs I had scavenged.

 IMG_4630    IMG_4633 Elephant Grass crop    IMG_4634 Tyrley Top       

After stopping overnight at Market Drayton and Norbury Junction we ascended Tyrley Locks where we saw several acres of Elephant Grass growing. A passing boater told us this would be used as Bio-fuel in a power station.

IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4658

Some of the leaves are gaining their lovely autumnal colours now and farmers are busy ploughing and seeding their fields. The misty-moisty mornings are turning into beautiful sunny days so we can cruise on for longer.

IMG_4662 Cowley Tunnel IMG_4665 B30 IMG_4681 Gort IMG_4688

At Gnosall we exchanged a quick hello with narrow-boat  Billy Whizz moored up with their new boat which they run as a cafe. On through Cowley Tunnel and the narrows. Soon we were being caught up by Nb Gort so we let him overtake us. The ramblers were out enjoying a walk on a bright sunny morning. We joined a small queue at Turner’s Garage, Wheaton Aston, to fill up with red diesel for 74.9p per litre, luvly jubbly!

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