Thursday, 17 October 2013


IMG_4610 Cholmondeston lock IMG_4611 Nantwich IMG_4612

En-route we had been lucky enough to see three Kingfishers! After mooring up, as it was such a lovely sunny day we walked from our mooring near the aqueduct to the marina cafe for a snack.

IMG_4614 IMG_4613 IMG_4591

Canal-side we saw this top-heavy conversion to a little plastic boat and wondered how long it would be before it ended up like the one we had passed at Wheelock?

Previously we had contacted our ex-boating friends Graham and Betty who have moved back on land into a bungalow near Nantwich. They arrived the next morning to pick us up in their car to take us to their new abode. We were given a guided tour and they pointed out the numerous jobs that needed doing. Then Graham lit the open fire and we settled down to chat over coffee and homemade apple cake with cream, mmm nice. On returning us to Oakfield, Graham kindly stopped off at the nearby Sainsbury’s for me to stock up with some food. Betty had stayed behind to keep an eye on the open fire. Graham also took our old engine oil away to dispose of at the recycling centre. As a thank you we had bought them a few goodies for the enjoyable day we had spent together.

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