Monday, 21 October 2013


IMG_4711 Milford B 105 IMG_4714 IMG_4716 Tixall Wide

Again we left fairly early and were glad that we had the whole canal to ourselves. Just after we crept by yet another sunken boat, two boats passed us going the opposite way. Another boat was waiting to ascend Tixall Lock, but as it was in our favour they kindly helped us go down. Approaching Tixall Wide a very smoky boat pulled out in front of us and proceeded to turn around to head off in front of us. We had to hover while he manoeuvred and not even a gesture of thanks afterwards either. We turned right at Great Haywood Junction and three of us going down the next lock exchanged with three going up, so no waterwas wasted!

IMG_4717 Colwich Lock Oct 2013       IMG_4718       IMG_4719

Our next lock was Colwich and a local man and his dog helped us with that one too, amazing!

IMG_4721 Old Mill still for sale IMG_4722 IMG_4720 Rugeley Tesco Oct 2013

It had been another nice dry autumnal cruise when we arrived at Rugeley. The old mill by the canal still looks unloved and remains for sale at £1.200.000. We moored a little further on and went into town to peruse the shops and go to Morrisons and Wilkinsons. I also went to the new Tesco which is right next to the canal and had been opened about three weeks. As I hurtled down the approach to it I felt I should have achieved lift off at the end of it! Although the access from the canal has not been upgraded at all. However the lane over the canal bridge has been pedestrianized. Rugeley A+B Power Statins can be seen steaming away to the right of my picture, Twas a cool Sunday and people were probably cooking their lunch. Not us though, as once again I dragged the Cabin Boy off to treat me to lunch in Wetherspoons, luvly jubbly.

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