Friday, 25 October 2013


IMG_4743 L6 IMG_4744 IMG_4745

We left our mooring above lock four early as a boat had come down past us. The locks were all  in our favour then. Until we came to the one but last and the crew of four had turned it against us and their boat was just entering the top lock. So we pulled over and waited for them to descend. As they passed they said it’s all ready for you. So we replied that it had been ready for us before! They seemed quite oblivious to what they had done! Never mind the nice couple who were waiting at the top to come down opened the bottom gates for us to glide in. So for all the thoughtless people afloat their are some really lovely people around as well. Another lovely sunny days cruise, with no locks now for quite a while, phew!

IMG_4747 IMG_4748 old coal wharf IMG_4750nb Kalami

As we came to Hartshill Yard we saw some familiar faces and exchanged a few words with the crew of nb Kalimi who followed us along for a while. We reached Nuneaton, moored up, walked into town, had a snack in Wetherspoon’s, then perused the shops. Popped into Sainsbury's to top up the food cupboards, then back to Oakfield for a restful evening, perfick!

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Jacquie said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for the comment BTW ( before the wozzie ) am I correct.? The blog is in arrears, from the late summer. I have just completed the South Stratford alone, ( 68 locks in 12 days )and are at Rowington now, ready to beat the Hatton locks closure, so I shall be Warwick way. Things do get better, but you still have more to read of my roller coaster journey, so keep tuned x And thanks for sharing your comments with me. I had to tell of my journey, 1 minute I was in Mills & Boon romance land, then in the Drama/Horror section. I thought it only right to say how I went from crew to captain and the struggles on the way to achieve it. Best wishes Jacquie