Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hawksbury Junction.

IMG_4759            IMG_4761

There seem to be well used 7 day moorings all around the junction, so we stopped to take a breather here for a while. We had been cracking on apace in order to ascend Atherstone locks before they closed in November for refurbishment. Sunday lunch in The Greyhound was good and the place was extremely busy too. FMC Clover came to moor briefly here just as I was walking over the bridge,

IMG_4757 Coventry   IMG_4758 IMG_4772

We had a trip into Coventry to buy some new boots for himself. He found some almost immediately in Blacks and after perusing the shops we had lunch in Wetherspoon’s Flying Standard. What a magnificent timber-framed building it is with such intricately carved wooden gables etc. Why is it that men wait until the soles are hanging off their footwear being leaky and falling apart before they buy new ones? I think it’s the time of year for me to sabotage the slippers again too!


Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hi Wozie,

Thank you so much for leaving the lovely comment on my blog.Having now found your blog and added it to my bloggers list I was wandering if those three odd ball ducks you photographed on 28th October were taken at Otherton Lock on the Staffs and Worc. I have a picture very similar but they were asleep at the time. Would be interested to know. Look forward to maybe meeting one day. Until then... keep cruising..... You may gather I'm a Strictly Fan (:

Irene Nb Free Spirit

nb piston broke said...

At least he still had soles on his boots which is more then Paul did do you remember that night? Didn't we laugh on the way back to our boats such good times.

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Thanx to you both, I have replied via your blog and by texting.