Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Morning and the Living is Easy

No photo's, two reasons, none taken and on the slowest connection possible.

Well we did not take the bus to Rugby, decided to move on as the domestic diesel tank was showing 0.4 full, at the moment we cannot trust the gauges (water, domestic,propulsion and waste) as they have not been calibrated for our tanks.

Called at Weltonfield Marina, topped up the tank with 28ltrs, went to the office and said 28ltrs at 0% propulsion, answer we only sell at 60/40 split, it's on the pump. Oh no it isn't. Discussion ensues as to the legalities.

Well to cut a long story short, I paid for the diesel, at a high price and will never visit them again.

We passed Derwent6 at the junction, sorry guys you were not at home and we had an appointment to keep.

Stopped just north of Braunston tunnel, walked up the hill ¾ mile to the White Horse in Welton, well worth the walk, bought some tomatoes and runner beans from two 'honesty stalls' in the village and the pub has basics bread and milk.

Friday morning (11-09-2009) saw us riding our bikes into Daventry, large town with all the usual stores and a Waitrose supermarket.

Returned to boat and set off through the tunnel all 2024 yards of it, I only hit the wall once, we arrived at the Admiral Nelson at about 14:20Hrs, having done all the locks on our own, as many of you will know with wide locks the gate on the other-side always decides to open on its own at the most inopportune moment, one of the drinkers kindly assisted Wozie (he was a boater), by this time we had had enough so decided to moor.

Pub was open, we were thirsty and hungry so returned and made it just in time for last food orders (15:00 Hrs), we thanked our 'helper' and before we knew it it was 18:30 Hrs, time flies when in convivial company. So John and Sue when we pass Crick next time will look you up.

Saturday (12-09-2009) we walked to the chandlers at the bottom lock, most helpful and had most of the things we wanted.
We continued down the canal to the marina and called into Tradline for some rope by this time it was 'coffee time' so went to the 'Gongoozlers Rest' a small narrowboat that is moored by the Stop House on the canal just outside the marina, brilliant but you do have to be very hungry if you order the full breakfast.

After coffee we went to Midland Chandlers for the items that we could not get at the other one, strolled back to the boat via the village, well served by a large Londis and a local butchers.

Having carried out some litle items on the boat we were lazing in the sun when The Jones's went by on Keeping Up.

They were on there way home after visiting Bones and Maffi, as they (the Jones) were going up the locks on their own I did some lock wheeling for them, I was allowed to use Allen's special windlass (the one that cannot be saved by a magnet).

I learnt something today (thank you Allen and Debbie) on how to get a boat through a wide lock, on its own, without it getting thrown about.

I will put it here, it may help someone else.

'Break' the Ground paddle on the same side as the boat.
When boat settles open it fully.
Go to ground paddle on the other side and open about two thirds.
Then open the gate paddle on that side.
There is no need to open the gate paddle on the same side as the boat.
When the waters are level close ground and gate paddles, return to the boat side of the lock open the gate and the boat leaves the lock.
At all times watch the boat and the steerer.

Sunday (13-09-2009) we have risen but today will be a day of rest, hope to contact A J Canopies tomorrow, to see when it will be convenient for them to carry out the adjustments they want to do to our cover.

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