Monday, 28 September 2009

Quiet Days

Saturday, saw us taking it easy, we had a stroll round the village of Lower Heyford, looked in on the boat yard as Wozie wanted some postcards.

Whilst there noticed sign behind counter instructing staff to only sell diesel into boat tanks at 60/40 split, if they failed to do so it would be looked upon as a serious occurrence.

Made an enquiry to see if they would supply 0/100 into a tank on a boat that was connected to heating and generation only, answer No but would put it in jerry can if I so desired.

Still trying to work the logic there.

The afternoon was warm and sunny and showed up the brass so set to and did the portholes on one side.

Sunday we moved on down to Thrupp (Oxford), managed to get stuck on a shallow, I blame the other boat, he just would not move over enough, if looks could kill, he would be dead.

Met some day boats, I believe to hire one of these you have to leave common sense at the hire base and be as drunk as possible, or at least the ones we met fitted that criteria.

Managed to drop one of our fender hooks into the canal, so used our magnet (supplied by Magnetman) found broken piling hook, large mooring pin and my fender hook. So that has paid for itself.

So a quiet day on the canals.

Moored about 3 o'clock, time for toasted teacakes and tea/coffee at Annie's tea room (just over the lift bridge), well worth a visit.

Resting at our mooring, a shout went up, "I'll be back!!" looked up to see the back of a cyclist pedalling like mad towards the tearoom.

It transpired to be Maffi, trying to get to the tearoom before they shut as cake was required.

He returned breathless and cake-less, Bones arrival was imminent and with that the boat came into view with quite a large crew.

After much greeting etc, it was decided to eat at 'The Boat' but the landlord had decided winter was here so was not providing food on a Sunday evening.

We returned to our boats and ate aboard but met up later at said pub for a very good evening with friends.

Monday (today) we are taking it easy and will do some exploring, taking Bones's dog (boots) with us, if he will go, apparently he is a very lazy dog, we shall see.

Tuesday we will be here again as the engineer is coming to do the first services on the engine, gearbox and generator.

Well I hope he is, left message on answer-phone but not heard back yet.

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Bones said...

I am loving you being my neighbour!