Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Old Boats never die, they just fade away

Further to our taking it easy, I decided to try a connection to the 'mobile internet'.
An excellent signal and 3G, never had it so good.

Had a look at a forum that I visit http://www.canalworld.net/ and had a PM from Graham on Alnwick (pronounced Annick) to say that he may be on board when we passed.

We new his mooring was only about 500yds further on to where we had moored so a quick walk found him on board, refurbishing his hatches. He was also working on some railway signal lamps, he likes trains especially steam ones.

He mentioned that Jane would arrive later and that they would be bell ringing in the local church, would we like to have a look round the church and watch.

We did visit, about half way through practice, and the bell ringers made us very welcome.

Whilst we were there a young lady popped her head round the door.
We later discovered that she was visiting the area and was between courses (food) at the local pub, being a bell ringer she was invited to join, in after a short peel she returned to the pub with a big grin on her face.

If you get the chance, do visit your local church, when the bells are ringing and see for yourself the dedication, hard work and high levels of concentration required.

Onwards to Banbury, we may see the 'cock horse'

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