Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Motorway Construction

No, sorry my mistake, it is the new marina at Yelvertoft, a stones throw from Crick.

Look closely and that earth mover and digger can just be seen. (gives an indication of the size of the marina)

The spoil is being moved a great distance and being levelled.

We walked into Yelvertoft, a very 'sad' looking place, the Post Office Stores could do with a little tlc, the public house was not inviting from the outside, so did not enter.

Visited Crick today, Post Office Stores well cared for, Co-Op (Late shop) typical Co-Op.
Three public Houses, one closed The Royal Oak (think it only opens evenings, no opening times displayed), the Wheatsheaf, open but only landlady working (staff shortage) so no food available, last but not least The Red Lion, open , food good for price and busy, it was nearly full inside.

Decisions, do we move tomorrow or take the bus to Rugby.

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