Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday, the weekend starts here.

Can you see where we are?

This will make it easier
For those reading this and not boaters, it is Napton on the Hill

Some of the locals, available in the local pub.

We stopped here overnight and tackled the locks the next day, we did the first seven and stopped for a break.
A boat moored just below the next lock had come adrift, no one on board, did some temporary repairs to his mooring chain (wire) and re-tied it.
Moving on we joined a queue for the next lock but there was a delay as there was a boat and butty ahead, we moored up and had lunch.
It got to about 3 o'clock and Wozie decided she wanted to get to Fenny Compton, explained it was at least four hours, that's OK.
Well we set off, after two hours or so it was obvious that we were not going to make it before dark, shallow canal and moored boats causing delays.
Eventually moored near bridge 128 (Wormlieghton) after an abortive try on a shallow.
Have now moved to Fenny Compton Wharf, pub lunch and now just taking it easy.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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