Sunday, 7 December 2014


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We hear that our Australian blog readers are wondering what is going on with fewer blog posts. We are in winter mode here and retreat into partial hibernation as it is a tad chillier here than in your part of the world. We tend not to cruise around the system as much as we do during our summer months too, so less stuff to write about. The upside is we meet up with boaty friends for tea and cake aboard and also in the pubs for drinks and meals together. We meet many people in passing for brief ‘hellos’, so it was nice to spend time with fellow bloggers Sue and Dave nb Beefur and Tom and Jan nb Waiouru to get to know each other better. Maffi also joined us as official photographer, unfortunately I forgot my camera so the Cabin Boy took this one of Maffi on his mobile phone.


nb piston broke said...

I see Roger the cabin boy has his nuts exposed again

Anonymous said...

Looks like Roger the Landlubber is exposing his suntanned bits to us too.
The pretty Galley-maid,lol.

sam peeter said...

family is family after all.We love each other and its life.
thanks for sharing your blog and LOL
for Roger

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sam peeter said...

Hi, love your post! I got away with it for a long time because I am always careful on boat work and fussy of finish but something I've found about working on boats.