Wednesday, 10 December 2014


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Mark came by on Calisto so we got our coal and fuel from him. I had a dental appointment while we were moored in Braunston, then we had to move on. On our last evening Maffi came aboard for an evening meal and a couple of Guinness's to help the Cabin Boy celebrate his Birthday. We had already been to the pump out point in the marina the day before to empty one tank. On leaving the next day we then passed GO and collected water. It was a really beautiful morning with a chilly wind blowing as we cruised along. When I did my’ Mrs Overall’ act en-route and took our coffee astern to put on the roof, we even had waves across the top of our drinks! We passed by goose-field and the birds were busy stripping the rest of the berries from the bushes. The cows and sheep were all getting rather plump too. We had the canal to ourselves and only met two other boats on the move, perfick!

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