Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas walkabout.

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I like circular walks best, then I don’t see the same scenery twice. Mr Kipling’s roundabout was looking good with it’s giant winter cup-cake. I wonder if  ‘Guliver’ will plod by and eat it one day, ha, ha.There were some lovely cooking smells coming from this boat which made me feel rather hungry. Maybe all will be revealed tomorrow on nb Waiouru’s blog! Of course the old cement factory was still in full swing, looking good against the orangey sky after a beautiful sunny day. I suppose it has to keep going non-stop to meet the ‘demand’ for the thousands of new houses that are being built all across our tiny island. Oh well, time to start cooking our roast dinner now, yum, yum! No Christmas pudding for us though as they all seemed to contain several different kinds of alcohol. So, take care out there folks, and don’t get drunk on  yer Christmas pud.

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Les Biggs said...

Proper boaters spend Christmas day afloat. I just wish ours was out on the towpath.