Friday, 26 December 2014


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On Christmas eve we had a text asking if there was any space where we were, It was Maffi and It was dark when he arrived so we helped him to moor behind us. After we had our evening meals he came round to help us out with the Guinness, wine and chocolates! Molly snuggled down on the mat while we had a good old chin–wag together, luvly jubbly. Christmas day was spent chatting to friends and family by phone and text. Unfortunately no Skype link was available. We opened our presents, then had a nice roast chicken dinner in the evening. There was a sharp frost overnight and we were needing water, so we set off for the tap beyond the bridge. It was out of order, amazing! So we went on to turn and cruise south to fill up. On passing Clifton cruisers Elaine waved from the window of her boat to us. Then past Barby moorings Dave popped his head out of his side hatch for a quick chat. Several boats were on the move including Zulu towing butty Alsagar. Luckily we met them on a wide straight bit! We managed to fill with water and tie up before the rain set in, perfick. Now for the best bit, evening meal of Bacon, Bubble and Squeak, made with yesterday’s lickuts!

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