Sunday, 2 February 2014


IMG_5411 IMG_5412 Alsager and Zulu IMG_5416

As the weatherman had forecast a rain free morning off I went to meander around. I found Alsager breasted up with Zulu ascending the locks so I  helped him with the lock gates.

IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5425

The sheep were tucking into their brunch. Zulu’s boating dog just couldn’t wait to get on the move again  I turned around to head back to our boat as the Cabin Boy had put my jacket potato in the stove for my lunch, mmm delicious. As I sat down to enjoy it the rain started pelting down and the cold wind is whistling all around like the sound effects on Weathering Heights. good job we are protected from it somewhat by a high hedge-bank,.

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