Friday, 7 February 2014

Canal rising.

IMG_5452 IMG_5446 IMG_5450

Mark came late afternoon on wb Callisto with diesel and coal for us and he had something restricting his propeller. As it was getting dark and raining we said he could stay breasted up to Oakfield overnight. Well, it rained non stop all night making the canal  rise about ten inches! It was a bit of a jump down onto the towpath for me when I got off to take some photos. Khali came back from her walk and was warming herself up by leaning against the warm chimney. As you can see our tyre fenders had come up above the Armcoe and the fields and towpath were swamped with water. It’s a good job that we had left our ropes slack-ish, otherwise we may have been tipped sideways. early morning Mark cleared some weeds from his prop and after chatting awhile he was on his way heading north. I spoke to Arthur aboard nb Tui while his dog Benson took himself for a walk. I asked him if there was any news of ‘Twinkle’ and he said he was doing well after his op. He still had his boat, but that he and his wife had now moved onto a bungalow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys thanks for the heads up on the wood in braunston there was loads of it nb timewarp

Wozie said...

That's ok, glad you are all stocked up now, stay cosy and warm!