Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nice spot.

IMG_5405          IMG_5406

Our new mooring was next to other live-aboard boaters which was nice because we had someone to chat to. All the buildings, car parks and private mooring opposite here have now been renovated and smartened up..An Ash tree had been heavily pruned here and the woodchips piled up underneath it. When I collected buckets of this to fill the puddles on the towpath alongside our boat I discovered wood hiding underneath. I put a couple of bits on the roof before it rained again, then everyone began to help themselves to the wood!

IMG_5430 IMG_5432 IMG_5436

As our fourteen days in Braunston were up on Wednesday and the forecast for then was not good, we decided to move off early. There was some nice lettering on the boat opposite us when we stopped at the services. We cruised along under deep blue skies with white fluffy clouds, but there was a cold wind blowing. If I was a sheep I would like a cosy little house like this to shelter in, perfick!

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