Tuesday, 4 February 2014


IMG_5403 Hope   IMG_5402   IMG_5404 Charity

Walking up to through the field was like squelching over a wet saturated sponge! I popped into the church and warmed myself up on their old fashioned radiators. On looking around I spotted some nicely coloured stained glass windows,

IMG_5429 IMG_5427 IMG_5428 IMG_5419

The hairdressers was busy and I think someone was living in part of the old renovated Chapel. The tiny cottage opposite has been beautifully restored and has a sold sign displayed on it. Enamel sign by the boat shop, tool display on someone's garden shed and a nice cock.


Kath said...

Those windows look very like Burne Jones designs. Which church and wgphere is it?
Kath (nb Herbie)

Wozie said...

The windows are in All Saints Church in Braunston. They are 'Hope' and 'Charity', but unfortunately there was no other information.
They do look resemble the Byrne Jones style, but may have been done by a talented local artist.