Monday, 13 January 2014


IMG_5359            IMG_3069 

Sleeepy Swan,                                                 Singing Robin                                            

Saturdays usually start with Sounds of the Sixties, followed by Graham Norton’s Show then Tony Blackburn. This inspires me to do some of those inside jobs that boaters do occasionally, then maybe join the Cabin Boy in some relaxing chairobics, perfick! Sundays we usually phone the family to exchange news for the week. Sometimes I may cook a roast lunch on board, especially if the weather is cold. Thank goodness for Wetherspoon’s though, as recently we have taken the laptop there to sort it while we have ‘bottomless coffees’. Then we can smell all the lunch being served up and of course we just have to join in!


nb piston broke said...

I understand Wetherspoons are going to start sleepovers

Wozie said...

They might as well because they only close for nine hours now!