Monday, 20 January 2014


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We said goodbye to Del and Al, who was still in her pyjamas btw! There are several water taps along this stretch of canal so we had caught up with our washing by doing three loads while we were there. A boat was already on one of the water points when we reached Hillmorton, but as there were two taps we pulled up by the other one. The water was taking ages at a slow dribble, then we noticed that nb Meybe were spraying their boat to wash it. After asking them to stop we soon filled our tank and were away up the locks, depositing our rubbish en-route.

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One of each of the three duplicate locks were being worked on, and one of the paddles wasn’t working, so it took a while. Of course the little push-tug ‘Pochard’ was moored on the lock landing where boats need to swing round from the top of the last lock! I had a quick word with Jacquie on nb Timewarp as I passed by to find us a mooring.

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Forrest S.W. said...

That porta-gantry is an interestng thing.