Friday, 17 January 2014


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Rugby/Brownsover is a good place to stay, as we can either walk into town which  is about a mile over the railway to peruse the shops, then pop into W’s and Asda., Or we can catch the No 4 bus every quarter of an hour from Brownsover into town, or a No 12 into Sainsbury’s. Also Tesco is a short walk away through the new houses or down the long footpath by the bridge. I have discovered a new-ish Aldi up the A426 from Bridge 58 which i arrived at on the 12 bus, then took the long walk back down to the canal. Now with our cupboards well stocked up, after just over a week here we were getting low on water. The washing was put on and we had showers to ensure the tank was completely empty. The next day was cool, but bright and sunny, when we set off to turn and take on water. It didn't take long to fill up because the water was flowing in pretty fast so we had to keep an eye on it. Sometimes the hose leaps out of the filler and thrashes around like an angry snake!


On our return past the moorings we paused on the Park side to drop off our rubbish.


Dave Winter said...

Lovely photo of Oakfield :-)

Wozie said...

Thanx Dave, as it was sunny I whipped the camera out for a quick shot and nearly missed getting back on board!