Saturday, 25 January 2014


IMG_5395            IMG_5394

To avoid catching two buses we cruised along to Braunston as I am slowly falling apart. Something came adrift and I discovered a large hole in my tooth. On ringing the Oradi dentist they squeezed me in fairly soon, so we had a quick trip into Daventry. It didn’t take long as she put a “sticky” filling in and I was soon fit for chomping my food again, brilliant! As you can see there are some nice wide-beam boats being worked on here in the marina at the moment. Some of the bigger trees have been felled and some severely lopped resulting on piles of woodchip on the side of the towpath. I took my bucket along to fetch some to fill in the large muddy puddles beside our boat. This stopped Oakfield from getting quite so mud-spattered when cyclists and joggers zip past.

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