Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sowe Common.

           IMG_3254 Brinklow               IMG_3257

We left our lovely mooring spot at All Oaks Wood through Brinklow with it’s tiny swing bridge, then on underneath the M6 motorway buzzing with traffic. How nice it is to cruise at a leisurely pace along the peaceful canals, only being occasionally reminded of the bustle and speed of life on land.

           IMG_3258 nr Anssty        IMG_3255 Swallow              

The Swallows were perched on the wires all puffed up wondering what had happened to  their insect food which usually hovers around on warm sunny days. We hope they can survive this cold wet windy month of May. As usual we passed straight through Ansty because there were no suitable moorings available. The narrow-boat following us looked as though it was travelling backwards! We continued on to moor on a nice long straight stretch of Armco near Sowe Common.

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