Friday, 24 May 2013

Dentist Dash!

         IMG_3250               IMG_3251

As Oakfield is moored to Armco with no overhanging vegetation I am washing and polishing the outside of it. When the weather is agreeable we also have some touching up and painting to be done too. The Bywater Hotel boat and butty passed by us towing on a long line.

Things were going well until disaster struck during our evening meal, when part of my tooth/filling came out leaving a hole. I phoned the Daventry dentist early next morning and was told there was a free appointment at !2.20pm, so I eagerly took it. This meant catching the bus into Rugby, then changing buses to get to Daventry. So we left  the boat around 10am and after a mad dash catching buses hither and thither, we arrived back on Oakfield exhausted at about 3.30pm, phew! Just in time to wind down with a nice cup of tea before cooking the next meal!

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