Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Family aboard.


We have spent much of the last two months visiting our families, but while we were in Brownsover our daughter brought our two grandsons for a visit. After catching up with each others news we had a leisurely lunch on board. Then we took the two boys to the nearby park while their mum put her feet up for a while to recuperate! It was lovely to see them again and as usual we were left quite exhausted. 

IMG_3249 Soon we were cruising off north and noticed these white cows galloping down across the field. Turns out the farmer had come with their breakfast.  As we cruised slowly past a man relaxing with his coffee on the front of a moored Viking Afloat boat, he called out to us on seeing Ebley Wharf on the side our boat, “I’m from Glawster”

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