Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Boating Pets.

            IMG_3279               IMG_3277

We had met up with Mick and Rueben several times in the past and they were moored up just around the corner. When I went round for tea and a chat I took some photos of Rueben. He is the strangest dog we have ever met and feels just like a Brillo pad when you stroke him! It is amazing how alike some owners and their pets look! Later they came round and joined us for afternoon tea sat out on the towpath as we actually had another of those warm sunny days.

IMG_3281A lady boater was taking her cat out on a long lead in the early morning sun. It is good to see people taking such great care of their pets. Sadly we see so many posters around the canals appealing for sightings of lost cats and dogs. Once we even saw one asking of the whereabouts of a pet tortoise. he couldn’t have made a quick getaway, could he?

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