Monday, 17 January 2011

New Lockgates at Braunston

On Tuesday we enjoyed a surprise visit by Mike and Do who came up to see us from Gloucestershire. We all trotted over to The Boathouse for a long chat about old friends etc over lunch and pudding, then back to Oakfield for tea. It was lovely to see them and to catch up with news of the holidays that they have planned for this year. Of course life is just one long holiday for us now circulating around the canal system! Since then the six of us moored here have been alternatively visiting nb Tranquility, nb Piston Broke and nb Oakfield for afternoon drinks and amusing banter! Friday was the girls day out to Rugby and I managed to search out some new reading matter. Saturday was rather wet and windy when Bottle and I went into Daventry for supplies. On Sunday I did absolutely nothing except sip water as I had a headache and was off my food all day. Today I felt better so as it was quite warm and spring like we took a toddle up to see the work BW are carrying out on the locks. They had taken the gates off at the bottom lock and the new gates were on the grass waiting to be fitted. it was difficult to get any good shots of this as the surrounding fencing obstructed our view.

IMG_0020 New gates

So we moved on up to Lock No5 which had been drained completely exposing such a  lot of mud it is a wonder that any boats could float over it at all!

IMG_0028 BW workboat BowThe old gates had been stripped of their ironmongery and were lodged against the sides of the lock. The BW workboat ‘Bow’ was resting on the mud nearby.

Just as well it was on dry land and not on the water as the ‘licence’ was out of date, it also stated that its BSS was likewise. I expect they just forgot to display the new one.

We shall have to have another walk up to see if we can catch BW workers in action for you.

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