Monday, 10 January 2011

Boat Jam.

IMG_0002 Boats fighting the ice

These two boats came by scrunching through the ice on Friday morning. All was fine until they tried to turn right to negotiate the bridge. They both had to manoeuvre back and forth, but got round eventually. The ice slowly melted again during Saturday as it seemed very much warmer.



Sunday was a lovely sunny day and loads of boats came from all directions. There seemed to be a continuous boat jam at the service point on the junction. BW are closing Braunston Locks today so they can work on Lock 1 and Lock 5. They are due to re-open on February 4th, so this is probably why there was a rush for some boats to be on the right side of the flight before closure. Our friends on nb Tranquility rang us from Norton Junction and we walked up carrying our windlasses to help them down the locks. We just made it to a mooring spot as it was getting dark and were invited on board for a welcome drink.

Today we reversed back for water, then turned to go along to the marina for a pump out. Luckily there was one space left for us to moor in near the Boathouse. It is now raining and extremely windy here, so the boat is rocking, a bit! Luckily our other friends on their elongated narrow boat Piston Broke made it along from Hillmorten before the storm set in.

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