Sunday, 3 August 2014

That’s better.


We had a torrential down pouring of rain yesterday evening which washed all the dust off our boat that the cyclists had caused. Saved me the job of cleaning it as it has been too darned hot to wash it by hand! This is a close-up of the so-called dredger that is operating in and around the Glos Dock area. It is in fact a tractor unit mounted on platform in front of a push barge. The spinning drum/fin thing is dropped down into the canal at varying depths to stir up the silt. This is then sluiced down through Glos Loc, or it may reach Purton where the intake for Bristol's water is taken in to be purified for domestic use.When the ‘thing’ is operating it makes a huge noise. They are doing this for about a month too, the two men must be bored as it creeps along extremely slowly. How effective do you suppose this must be? Or, is it just a huge failure and waste of money?

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