Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tall Ships arriving.

IMG_7092  IMG_7149a  IMG_7152a  IMG_7155a

Great excitement as we had the red light as we approached Netheridge Bridge at Quedgeley, so we pulled over to hover on the right.  Two old chaps called out as they rowed past us to take no notice as the bridge was not usually manned. We then saw a top of the mast and the chaps in the skiff had to quickly retreat out of it’s way! We went on to moor just above Saul Junction where we were joined by our daughter and two grandsons. later her friend from Bristol arrived with her two children, then we all went to the Stables Bar to play in the garden and have lunch. We went back to Oakfield for a natter over afternoon tea while the children played games. It was lovely to see everyone again and to keep our eldest grandson who was staying the night on board. Next day he wore his wellies to wade through all the big puddles and we went to the Stables for coffee to wait for the ‘Pirate Ship’ to come up. It came slowly and steadily through Fretherne Bridge, then on up to Saul Junction Bridge. The ship was being steered under power by the skipper standing at the back turning a large wooden wheel. Of course from this position he couldn’t see the gap and his shipmates were shouting out directions to him. Left hand down a bit etc!. Our last pic shows it passing Oakfield on her mooring, perfick!

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