Sunday, 31 August 2014

Glawster city.

IMG_7322 IMG_7331a IMG_6967

In our spare time between seeing family and friends we have been strolling around the docks and the city. Workers were busy in Neilson’s dry dock caulking a wooden boat to make it watertight. We like this ornate old clock above the jewellers shop. Funny the more you wander around you see things you haven’t ever spotted before, like this carved stone head.

IMG_7338a                    IMG_7339

As you can see it sometimes gets rather busy around the Gloucester Quays shopping mall and the Museum area where a narrow boat cafe is now moored. The new Cinema and TGI Friday’s have also recently opened here. It is rumoured that Coots Cafe will soon be a Wetherspoon’s. ideally placed right next to Gloucester micro brewery!


Dani Heaven Neilon said...

Have spent quite a few hours catching up on your blog. You are doing a wonderful job with it.. fit to be in a newspaper. I absolutely love this way of life. Not possible in the States which is very sad. Certainly gives you time to stop and smell the flowers. Thoroughly enjoying the pictures and stories of all the places you are seeing. Thanks for giving me the website address. xoxo

Wozie said...

So glad that you are enjoying sharing our travels around the canals and rivers Dani. Thank you, it is nice to have complimentary comments from time to time to spur my writing on. I do struggle sometimes, as we have been continuously cruising for five years, I don't want to repeat myself too much. As for 'newspapers' I had a centre page spread once which didn't report correctly what I said, so I steer well clear of such articles now!