Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Walkabout Braunston.


IMG_2820 Oakfield

This is the view from the junction bridge showing the huge lake that has formed in the adjoining field. It drains out across the towpath and into the canal in quite a stream. The Canada Geese, Ducks and Seagulls have moved in to enjoy it there anyway. I took some books that we had read to the marina swap-shop and picked up a couple of Canal Boat Magazines to peruse. Some books I took to the Boat Shop and bought one of their freshly baked crusty loaves for tea, yum.

IMG_2823 Crooked Cottage

This is the back view of the Crooked Cottage that overlooks a lock with a Shepherds Hut in the garden similar to  the one at Norton Junction. The Admiral Nelson was pretty busy on the afternoon that the Rugby was on TV.

            IMG_2822               IMG_2433 frostpatterns

There are plenty of lambs in the fields hereabouts sometimes cuddling up to each other to keep warm. Some nights have been quite frosty with quite a cool breeze during the day too, the sun has peeped through though, enough to melt the frost pattern on the cratch window.

IMG_2862Plenty of icicles hanging under the bridge on the junction, but the canal has not frozen over.

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