Tuesday, 12 March 2013


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As we had several family commitments over the Winter months we booked into Clifton Cruisers where we knew Oakfield would be safe when we left it moored up. We were made to feel very welcome there. Apart from having the luxury of being hooked up to the electricity, the water tap was also within easy reach. There was a newly created cafe in the old workshop called Bridge 66 serving breakfast rolls, coffee, tea and super homemade cakes. We sampled quite a variety of cakes while we were in residence. I also had my hair done a couple of times in the handy hairdressing salon which stood alongside the wharf.There were of course all the usual boaters facilities available too. 

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We have just about had every kind of weather thrown at us this winter, mainly the wet kind!. Luckily the buses ran every hour into Rugby from Clifton so we could at least escape into town for a break occasionally. However we did manage to walk the two miles in about half an hour several times to keep fit. Tesco's was also the same distance away along the towpath, so when it wasn’t raining too much I had a brisk walk along there. The birds came to visit everyday as they were glad of the few seeds and crusts we put out every day to keep them going.


So, would we stay on a linear mooring  again? I don’t think that we would as we had other boats breasted up to us which cut out our daylight and view over the canal! However we had a lovely view over the fields to the other side of the boat and the cafe was a great place to socialise. We also picked up the Towpath Talk and the Tillergraph there to keep up to date with the latest news of the waterways.

It was just fantastic to be on the move again and have the sense of freedom to roam about wherever we please was exhilarating. To be continuously cruising again is an absolutely fabulous feeling!

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