Thursday, 14 March 2013



Now that we are back on the move again we shall have  something to blog about for our followers we hope. The housing estate along by Masters Bridge 58, which leads up to Brownsover, has almost been completed. Thank goodness for that, because it means boats will no longer be covered in cement or brick dust when mooring there. The only downside to mooring there now is the continual noise of the traffic passing so nearby. We took our trolleys and stocked up with victuals at the nearby Tesco supermarket and I also caught the No 12 bus to Sainsbury’s for some of our favourite foods. Bottle still has some effects of the ‘man flu’ to contend with, aw!


Just before we left our mooring by the park six chaps came along to trim the bushes back from the towpath. two had hedge-trimmers, one had a long reach brush-cutter, one with a garden fork, one pushing a shredder and of course following on behind was the man with the blower! They did seem to be making a neat job of it all anyway.

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