Thursday, 6 November 2008

"Josher and Birmingham Square"

An old school friend asked, so I thought I would post an answer, this is to the best of my knowledge correct but I am sure that those that know will post a comment

A 'Josher' is the style/shape of the bow, it was first designed and built by a Joshua Fellows.

He was part of the company, Fellows, Moreton and Clayton, one of the more well known companies trading on the canals.

A true 'Josher', which mine is not, has a subtle double curve, difficult to see in a photo.

'Birmingham square' is to do with the shape of the hull, the majority of narrowboats hulls slope inwards as they go down but a 'square' as the name implies, are more vertical, you gain a few inches in width.

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saltysplash said...

I kow its been a long wait but all things come to those etc etc...Interesting to hear you used to live in Oakfield rd. I used to live in Selsdon and worked in Croydon for the last 8 years, It is still possible to follow the trail of the old canal....towpath way in south norwood and of course Sydenham Hill tunnel now used by the mustve been a fair drop down annerly.
Looking forward to seeing how the build goes.

All the very best