Thursday, 13 November 2008

Oh! Well

You may remember that on the 24th October, I posted that the shell was to be delivered to our boat builder, the week commencing 10th November and that we were not holding our breath.

Just as well we did not, as we would be very short of breath by now.

You guessed it there is another delay and again it is not our builders fault, it is their suppliers. When items are ordered in good faith, with plenty of time for delivery, it must be very frustrating for them not to arrive.

Our builders now have a boat, finished except for the last few items but cannot hand it over to the new owners obviously.

That boat is now occupying the space that is for our boat, I have not verified this but suspect that our builder is now effectively losing money.

In this economic climate, we have recently seen a few builders fall by the wayside, we can begin to understand why now, if this is the way they are treated by their suppliers.

Am I glad not to be a boat builder, you bet I am.

Oh! Well we will just have to be patient.


Del and Al said...

Hi Keith & Ann

As you can see from the update, Derwent6 is far from finished. We are being told it could be in a couple of weeks.... and the Morso has just turned up. We are now down to the attention to details section and this section does not need to be rushed...beleive me it is worth you waiting! they build great boats!!!!!!

Bottle said...

Hi Del & Al

Have seen the update and agree with "believe me it is worth you waiting! they build great boats!!!!!!"

That is why we (and you) picked them.

Great minds and all that!

Anonymous said...

have you got a new date yet?

Bottle said...

Hi Bones

Had contact with builder today (Monday), they are waiting for a phone call from the transport company.

The transport company has been on holiday, Holiday!! How dare they don't they know we are waiting.;)