Thursday, 30 October 2008

Visit to shell builder.

We left home and set off to see, our shell in build, three hours later we arrived in Sheffield. No major problems with traffic on the M5, M42, A42 and the M1.

We arrived just before the team broke for lunch so we had the workshop to ourselves, lots of photo's taken.

The work is exemplary, the skills of these boat builders is amazing.

Borrowed this from their brochure:

"Turning 10 tonne of flat plate into a work of art takes, knowledge, experience, skill and sheer hard work."

Having seen them working, on a previous visit, the above is very true.

Should tell you who they are, Jonathan Wilson and Tim Tyler

They are two of the nicest people you could wish to meet.

This particular shell is based on a 'Josher' but the aficionado's will see the difference.

She is also 'Birmingham square'.

The next time we see her, will be when she arrives to be fitted out.


John said...

I can remember when I visited Alacrity's shell builders 19 years ago, they too were in Sheffield.
As I stood in the half finished shell I thought "its so big" it's surprising how they shrink when fitted out.
The steelwork looks great.

bones said...


Dick & Netty said...

We will push Fernwood to get ours out ASAP to make room for you