Wednesday, 22 October 2008

First post

This may not be interesting to many but it has taken us three and a half years to get this far.

There are many reasons it has taken this long, no particular person is to blame, just circumstances.

This blogging lark is all new to us but we will endeavour to update and improve as time goes on

All we can promise is that the updates will be regularly irregular.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Congratulations on getting this far. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts. however irregular they are.


Del and Al said...

Great to see you have a blog now... Well done.
Maybe now we should get on the forums. lol

Keith and Jo said...

Congratulations. Now the joy of watching your boat take shape begins. We like so many others have been where you are going now. Enjoy every moment we certainly did.

Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it how excited we can get over a piece of steel lieing on the floor!

Having been away for a week on hols I am looking forward to my 'fix' on Monday.

Best of luck.


aka nb.bobcat

Steve Parkin said...

Look forward to seeing the completed article!

Anonymous said...

Well done!

I will be watching this with great interest and keep YSL at the ready for when it is complete ;)


Maria Gregory said...

Hi Keith
Ace site.
Will be looking in from time to time, may not always leave a comment for you.
Great that it is finally coming to fruition. If it were me I would be as excited as a six year old awaiting Father Xmas [not that today's six-year olds believe in Santa].
Now, you know you are dealing with a complete narrow boating novice here: what exactly is a 'Josher' or Birmingham square?
Love and telehugs to both of you.